Altis at Sand Lake - Cherrylake

Altis at Sand Lake

For those who live and work near the I-4 corridor, serenity can seem like an unattainable goal. At the Altis at Sand Lake apartment complex, Cherrylake was tapped by Altman Construction to create an immersive retreat in the heart of the city noise, tourist traffic, and concrete sprawl.

Because of the rising demand for housing in the area, the Altis ownership team was eager to break ground on the community and asked Cherrylake to work under an accelerated timeline, as all of the apartment and community buildings were built simultaneously. Over the course of construction and as some new challenges arose, Cherrylake worked with the owner to re-work the design to maximize the use of the purchased plant material and minimize any additional costs.

Client: The Altman Group
Landscape Architect: Land Resource Design Group
Completion Date: 2016
Type of Project: Residential Apartments
Scope: Irrigation & Landscape Installation