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Duraheat River Birch

Betula negra ‘BNMTF’ dura-heat®

Native to the riverbanks of the Southeastern United States, the Dura-Heat River Birch is a distinctive ornamental tree that offers year round interest to a wide variety of landscapes.

River Birch are characterized by their paper-like bark. If allowed to grow in full sunlight, this bark will take on a attractive light color, creating a dynamic contrast to the dark brown bark that covers the thin branches. Its leaves are smaller and thicker than most birch and denser and more branching than most seedlings

Though the bark exfoliates consistently throughout the year, Dura-Heat foliage changes drastically with the seasons. Spring and Summer are characterized by serrated, arrowhead shaped leaves of a soft green color. As Fall begins to chill the air, these leaves change to a rich, warm yellow color before defoliating.

Because their loosely structured crown allows a significant amount of sunlight to filter through onto plant material below, they can be planted in close proximity with shrubs.
Dura-Heat River Birch is noted for its ability to survive either flood or drought conditions as well as for its resistance to pests and heat.

Riverbirch Duraheat grown in container

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
Eastern United States

Common Names:
Birch, River Birch

Hardy Range: 4 – 9
Mature Height: 20’ to 25
Mature Spread: 15’ to 20
Growth Rate: moderate
Persistence: deciduous

Ornamental Characteristics:
The Dura-Heat River Birch’s paper-like, exfoliating bark adds year-round interest to this deciduous tree. This characteristic bark is found on the trunk, while the tree’s thin limbs are covered in thin, dark brown bark. Its foliage is serrated and pointed in shape. During Spring and Summer, these leaves are a soft green, turning to a brilliant yellow before defoliating in the Fall.

Soil: acidic, well drained
Exposure: full to partial sun

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Riverbirch Duraheat in the landscape.
Riverbirch Duraheat Leaves
Riverbirch Duraheat Leaves
Riverbirch Duraheat Bark