Golden Oak - Cherrylake

Golden Oak

Golden Oaks

Golden Oak is a residential community that offers first-ever whole ownership of luxury single-family homes at the Walt Disney World Resort. With lush, massive trees throughout, the Golden Oak community spared no expense filling the community’s landscape with Cherrylake’s oaks, magnolias, sycamores, crape myrtles, bald cypress, and 30-gallon viburnum. High-end material was used to fill the landscape which parallels the houses. Additionally, large, quality material, such as bamboo, was used for the purpose of buffer screening between the golf course, residential homes, and the wilderness. Sidewalks which lead to the campground, dog parks, and clubhouse are trailed with yellow blossoms. 

The silky soils at Golden Oak provided a challenge; however, Cherrylake’s professionals worked closely with the landscape architect, creating an irrigation system for the interior community and for the exterior, solving the problem. 

Cherrylake landscaped multiple phases within Golden Oak including Phase 1, Phase 2, replacements in Phase 3, and Phase 5.  Additional parts of the community include the clubhouse and the welcoming Four Seasons Golf Entrance. 

Client: Jr. Davis Construction Company, Inc.
Landscape Architect: ATKINS
Completion Date: 2019
Type of Project: Residential 
Scope: Irrigation & Landscape Installation