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Cypress Italian

Cupressus sempervirens

Italian Cypress is an evergreen conifer that is native to Southern Europe and western Asia. It has a narrow columnar habit of growth and forms tall, dark green columns 15 to 50 feet in height.

Extremely unique because of its very special form, Italian Cypress is an excellent choice for a strong accent around large buildings, in groupings of three to five, planted three feet apart as a tall screen or used to frame your landscape. Whatever the application, Italian Cypress will provide classic distinction in landscape beauty. It is a favorite of all Mediterranean-themed landscapes.

The Italian Cypress is a great choice when it is desired to draw attention to a formal area. With its fine textured genuine rich green foliage, narrow columnar habit and tall mature height, Italian Cypress excels beyond other choices.

Italian Cypress Potted

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
Southern Europe and Western Asia

Common Names:
Italian cypress, Tuscan Cypress, Graveyard Cypress or Pencil Pine.

Hardy Range: 7B to 11
Mature Height: 25’ to 50’
Mature Spread: 4’ to 8’
Growth Rate: 15 to 20 years to maturity
Form: columnar
Persistence: evergreen

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flowers are inconspicuous. Foliage is genuine rich green with no change in fall. Fruit is brown, dry, oval and inconspicuous, although the tree rarely fruits.

Soil: sand, loam, clay; acidic, alkaline; well-drained
Salt: medium
Exposure: full sun

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Italian Cypress in the Landscape
Italian Cypress Row
Italian Cypress Row
Italian Cypress Close Up
Italian Cypress Close Up