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Juniper Spartan

Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’

Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’ is a cultivar selection of Monrovia Nurseries that truly exemplifies the ancient Spartan qualities suggested by its name. The durability of the Spartan is unflinching in heat, cold, salt, and drought within its broad geographical hardiness range of zone 4A to 10A. Displaying a highly disciplined erect pyramidal to columnar form with fine textured dense rich green foliage, Spartan is a showcase specimen with very handsome traits.

Spartan grows rapidly, reaching a mature size of 15’ to 20’ height x 4’ to 6’ spread. It can be used as a medium sized screen, but it perhaps is better utilized as a formal specimen where full sun will enhance its performance. While adaptable to partial shade or partial sun, Spartan will grow best in full sun, and, like all junipers, well-drained soil is essential for best performance.

Given its ability to maintain its handsome formal appearance without shearing and its mature manageable size for areas with limited space, we believe you will agree this juniper cultivar selection merits the distinction of being a Spartan performer.

Potted Spartan Juniper

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
China, Mongolia, Japan

Common Names:
Chinese juniper, Spartan

Hardy Range: 4A to 10A
Mature Height: 15’ to 20’
Mature Spread: 4’ to 6’
Growth Rate: 10 to 15 years to maturity
Form: columnar and upright or erect
Persistence: evergreen

Ornamental Characteristics:
These densely growing evergreens have fragrant, fine textured foliage with an upward growth habit and keep their attractive, rich green coloring all year round. Their flowers are inconspicuous, with small yellow and brown blooms in spring, giving way to dry oval cones in summer.

Soil: well-drained; loamy, sandy or clay
Salt: medium
Exposure: partial sun to full sun

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Spartan Juniper in the Landscape
Spartan Juniper in the Landscape
Spartan Juniper Berries
Spartan Juniper Berries
Spartan Juniper Leaves
Spartan Juniper Leaves