Juniper Torulosa - Cherrylake

Juniper Torulosa

Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’

‘Torulosa’ is frequently referred to by its common name, Hollywood Juniper. The asymmetrical crown of finetextured, deep green foliage creates undeniable drama for each specimen in the landscape. Torulosa will produce a useful accent anywhere its unique form is appreciated.

Design ideas are abundant for this classic form of rich green color: entryways, corners of homes and commercial buildings, blank walls between buildings, informal hedges, patio container plantings, Mediterranean themes and Sante Fe style gardens. Torulosa is also frequently sculpted into various forms of topiaries to further compliment a specific landscape theme or application.

The cultural attributes of Torulosa lend itself for use where environmental conditions are more difficult for other tree species to thrive. Capable of tolerating high levels of aerosol and soil salt conditions, Torulosa does remarkably well in coastal environments. Other attributes that account for its adaptability to harsh environments include its ability to withstand heat and cold conditions within hardiness zones 5B to 11. Aesthetically and environmentally, there are many reasons that justify the Torulosa’s performance in the landscape.

Torulosa Juniper Potted

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
China, Mongolia, Japan

Common Names:

Hardy Range: 5B to 11
Mature Height: 15’ to 20’
Mature Spread: 8’ to 12’
Growth Rate: 8 to 10 years to maturity
Form: pyramidal and upright or erect
Persistence: evergreen

Ornamental Characteristics:
Twisted growth habit. The flowers are inconspicuous. Blooms are brown and yellow, insignificant and appear in Spring. Leaf color is green with no change in fall. This plant has fragrant foliage. Fruit color is blue, dry, oval, round and inconspicuous, although it rarely fruits.

Soil: clay, loam, sand; acidic, alkaline; well-drained
Salt: medium
Exposure: partial sun to full sun

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Torulosa Juniper in the Landscape
Torulosa Juniper in the Landscape
Torulosa Juniper Foliage
Torulosa Juniper Foliage
Torulosa Juniper
Torulosa Juniper in the landscape