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Wax-Leaf Ligustrum

Ligustrum Potted

Ligustrum Potted

Ligustrum japonicum

The long-term and never-ending use of the Wax-Leaf Ligustrum and the demand for them year after year, speaks to the functional beauty and durability of this medium-sized evergreen tree. What are the attributes of this ever-popular landscape mainstay that account for its proven landscape performance and demand?

1. Small enough for many areas with restricted space requirements; size and shape are easy to control with regular shearing. Appeal can be equally enhanced if left to grow on its own with occasional reduction of long shooter growth.

2. Large enough to draw attention to its artistic features that are either sculpturally formed or naturally formed.

3. Tough enough to adapt to most soil types, resist most pests, capable of withstanding moderate drought and excellent in salt tolerance, except for direct salt spray.

4. Colorful enough with very dark green lustrous foliage that comes with an aromatic flower display in late spring or early summer.

5. Interesting enough when formed as a multi-trunk vase shape of sinuous branches that is topped with a dense rounded crown.

6. Versatile enough to be used as a patio tree in container or in natural soil planters, buffer strip or tall formal hedge, topiary, rock garden, seashore planting, foundation planting for large buildings, highway medians, or landscape specimens.

When you ponder the capabilities of Wax-Leaf Ligustrum for meeting the needs of multiple environmental conditions, space requirements and aesthetic appeal, you have a better understanding of what it takes to satisfy multiple landscaping needs. Wax- Leaf Ligustrum is most worthy of its use and popularity in our landscapes.

Ligustrum Potted
Ligustrum Potted

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
Japan and Korea

Common Names:
Japanese Privet, Wax-Leaf Privet, Ligustrum

Hardy Range: 7B to 10B
Mature Height: 15’ to 25’ / 4.6m to 7.6m
Mature Spread: 15’ to 25’ / 4.6m to 7.6m
Growth Rate: 5 years to maturity, faster growth when young, slowing with age
Form: rounded, spreading or horizontal and vase shaped
Persistence: evergreen

Ornamental Characteristics:
Wax-Leaf Ligustrums consist of many small trunks coming together to a dense, rounded canopy. In the spring, their glossy, deep green foliage is starred with clusters of fragrant white blossoms, which will attract bees.

Soil:  sandy, loamy, clay; acidic; neutral and basic alkaline soils
Salt: medium
Exposure:  partial sun to full sun

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Ligustrum in the Landscape
Ligustrum Fruit
Ligustrum Fruit
Ligustrum Flower
Ligustrum Flower