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Maiden Grass Adagio

Miscanthus sinensis

Maiden Grass is an ornamental grass that provides distinctive color and texture to a landscape. The foliage is extremely narrow and is silvery-green in color. In late summer or fall, bronze-pink plumes grow vertically, and as they age, these blooms fade to white and last throughout winter. The name Miscanthus sinensis adagio derives from the italian word “ad agio”, a term used in music and ballet (translated to “at ease”) to signify slow movements. In the wind, these tall blades of grass sway against the breeze and are even more beautiful when in bloom.

Maiden Grass grows at a fairly moderate speed and does best in well-draining sandy soil and clay, growing best under full sunlight. This grass is tolerant to heat and humidity, making it drought tolerant once established. This grass specifically attracts birds. Growing as tall as 4 to 5 feet and as wide as 3 to 4 feet, Maiden Grass is most commonly used in mass plantings as a vertical accent plant, as well as a hedge or border. They are a top selection for those seeking a low-maintenance shrub.

Container grown Maiden grass

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
lower alpine areas in Japan, Korea, and China

Common Names:
Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass, Adagio Maiden Grass, Maiden Grass, Chinese Silver grass, Japanese Silver Grass, Eulalia Grass

Hardy Range: 5 – 9
Mature Height: 3 – 4’
Mature Spread: 2 – 3’
Growth Rate: moderate

Ornamental Characteristics:
Maiden Grass grows in a rounded, fountain-like shape due to its upward-arching foliage. Its long leaves, ranging from 3 to 4 inches in length and only 3/8 inches in width, grow densely, with tapered tips and serrated margins. In the fall, the green blades turn yellow and orange, growing pink and red feathery flowers above the leaves. In the winter, the foliage turns tan and brown, and is usually left standing for a unique winter interest.

Soil: well-draining soil
Drought Tolerance: high
Exposure: full/partial sun

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Maiden grass in the landscape

Maiden grass leaves
Maiden grass in bloom