Cherry Lake Tree Farm is Now Cherrylake

Change and growth is the nature of a thriving business. We adapt, we innovate, we grow. We overcome adversity and we seek new opportunities. Each critical strategic step moves us along our unique path and changes our complexion and yet there is an essence at the core of the business that stays true and constant.

Undertaking a rebrand is a major challenge that gets to the heart and soul of a business and its people. For us, this was more than a marketing initiative; it was an immersive journey of discovery into our company’s strategic vision, cultural identity and purpose.

Our new name, Cherrylake, builds on our history while allowing room for future growth. Cherry Lake Tree Farm was founded on the shores of Cherry Lake (a natural lake set in the rolling hills of Lake County), but we have come to realize that we have grown to be more than just the rolling hills of our tree farm. We offer a full product line of palms, trees, shrubs and outsourced material. We provide turn-key landscape and irrigation construction services, landscape maintenance solutions and horticultural expertise. We are farmers. We are horticulturalists. We are stewards of our waters, our land and our environment. Over the last thirty years, we outgrew the parameters inherent in our company name. We are more than a tree farm. We are more than our landscapes. We are Cherrylake.

As we turn towards the future, we still have the same quality product and service, the same passionate employees and the same committed ownership family. Our values, our culture and our pledge to provide beautiful, functional and sustainable landscapes remain unchanged.