Sanctuary at Eagle Creek - Cherrylake

Sanctuary at Eagle Creek

The Sanctuary at Eagle Creek development called for Cherrylake to blend the convenience and amenities of a modern apartment complex with the surrounding 400 acres of forest preserves in the heart of Medical City in Lake Nona Florida. Cherrylake took on irrigation, landscape and hardscape installation of this project opting to use native trees, like Bald Cypress and Live Oak, to give ponds and common areas a natural, forested feel. Beds of flowering shrubs and grasses offer color and softness to pathways.

Cherrylake worked with Jack Jennings and Sons and Landscape Architect VHB to create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort in the midst of Medical City.

Client: Jack Jennings & Sons Inc.
Landscape Architect: VHB
Completion Date: 2015
Type of Project: Residential
Scope: Hardscape, Irrigation & Landscape Installation