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Saw Palmetto ‘Green’

Serenoa repens ‘Green’

The Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ is known for growing wild in Florida’s natural landscape; however, it is also a common plant for home landscapes throughout the state as well. It tolerates a range of conditions, and it is a fantastic provider of texture beneath trees, or as a filler, hedge, backdrop, or accent. It’s high salt tolerance makes it the perfect plant for coastal gardening.   A slow growing plant, Saw Palmetto ‘Green’, will spread out over a number of years, covering a large area. Growing both thickly and densely, the trunk remains practically invisible as the base of the plant remains close to the ground. The Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ can be planted close together to create an instant hedge with its sprawling clusters.   The Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ is practically maintenance free. It does not require cold protection, and they have adapted well to Florida’s sandy soils. Once mature, it is highly drought tolerant as well. The Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ can be planted next to any structure including houses, walls, a fence, and even against a tree trunk. They also make fantastic container plants for larger sized pots or planter boxes, and they can even be planted indoors.  

Container grown Saw Palmetto ‘Green’
Container grown Saw Palmetto ‘Green’

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
Florida, Southeastern United States

Common Names:
Green Saw Palmetto

Hardy Range:  7 – 11
Mature Height:  6 – 8’
Mature Spread: 6 – 8’
Growth Rate: Slow

Ornamental Characteristics:
The Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ sports stout stems which usually crawl across the ground, producing green, fan-shaped fronds. The word “saw” in the plant’s name refers directly to the saw-like teeth on the leaf stems. Because the Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ requires rarely any pruning, you can easily avoid it’s “teeth”. It will bloom fragrant, yellow-white flowers in the spring, and it produces small, yellow berry-like fruit which ripen into a blue-black color August through October.

Soil:  Any
Salt: High
Drought Tolerance: High
Exposure: Full sun, partial shade, shade

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Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ in the landscape
Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ in the landscape
Saw Palmetto 'Green' berries
Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ berries
Saw Palmetto ‘Green’ leaves