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Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’

Serenoa repens ‘Silver’

The Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ is the less common variety of Saw Palmetto, acting as a unique addition to a landscape with its silver-green leaves. Perfect for use as a filler, hedge, backdrop, or accent, Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ adds old-Florida charm to a landscape. Over a number of years, the plant will spread out, covering a large area. Growing both thickly and densely, the trunk remains practically invisible as the base of the plant remains close to the ground. The Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ can be planted close together to create an instant hedge with its sprawling clusters.   Its high salt tolerance makes the Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ an ideal planting for homes on the water, and it is practically maintenance free. It does not require cold protection, and they have adapted well to Florida’s sandy soils. Once mature, it is highly drought tolerant as well. Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ can be planted next to any structure including houses, walls, a fence, and even against a tree trunk. Silver Saw Palmettos are perfect as container plants for large pots or planter boxes. They can also be planted indoors.   An extract made from the Saw Palmetto has been used for centuries from Mayans to Florida’s Seminole Indians for a wide range of medicinal purposes.

Container grown Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’
Container grown Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
Florida, Southeastern United States

Common Names:
Green Saw Palmetto

Hardy Range:  7 – 11
Mature Height:  6 – 8’
Mature Spread: 6 – 8’
Growth Rate: Slow

Ornamental Characteristics:
The Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’s leaves are silvery green, and they grow in a fan-like fashion. The word “saw” in the plant’s name refers directly to the saw-like teeth on the leaf stems. Because the Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ requires rarely any pruning, you can easily avoid it’s “teeth”. It will bloom yellow-white flowers in the spring, and it produces berry-like fruit which ripen into a blue-black color.

Soil:  Any
Salt: High
Drought Tolerance: High
Exposure: Full sun, partial shade, shade

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Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ in the landscape
Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ in the landscape
Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ leaves
Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ in the landscape
Saw Palmetto ‘Silver’ in the landscape