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Oak Seedling Willow

Quercus phellos

The Quercus phellos, commonly known as the Willow Oak, is a tall majestic tree, capable of reaching over 70’ in height and over 50’ in width. The Willow Oak is one of the most popular trees for horticultural planting because of the shade it provides and its appealing shape.

This pyramid-shaped beauty is known for being lush and providing shade. A benefit of having a Willow Oak is the wildlife it attracts, such as deer and songbirds. After it reaches maturity, this tree has a solid strength, resistant to breakage and strong winds. The Willow Oak is also drought tolerant, making it easy to care for as long as the soil is well-draining.

Willow Oaks are often used as sources of shade in most landscapes. They are mostly used as ornamental trees due to their size and beauty throughout the seasons. They are mostly found in the southern states of the United States. You can also find them commonly planted in malls, along roads, and in residential neighborhoods. If planted close to sidewalks, please keep in mind that ample growing room is necessary, as the roots of this tree can crack sidewalks if the tree grows larger than expected.

Container grown Willow Oak
Container grown Oak Seedling Willow

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
North America

Common Names:
Willow Oak, Swamp Willow Oak, Pin Oak, Peach Oak

Hardy Range: 6A – 9B
Mature Height: 60’ – 75’
Mature Spread: 40’ – 50’’
Breakage: resistant
Persistence: deciduous

Ornamental Characteristics:
The Willow Oak is green through spring and summer; however, its leaves change to yellow and red in the fall before shedding its leaves for winter. The Willow Oak also produces a brown seed, which attracts squirrels, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, quail, and some songbirds. Wood ducks and mallards may also eat acorns when the trees are wet.

Soil: clay; sand; loam; acidic; extended flooding; well-drained
Exposure: full sun

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Willow Oak in the landscape
Oak Seedling Willow in the landscape
Willow Oak leaves
Oak Seedling Willow leaves
Willow Oak in the landscape
Oak Seedling Willow in the landscape