Bent Oak Industrial Park - Cherrylake

Bent Oak Industrial Park

Bent Oak is a 700,000 square foot industrial warehouse built on 39 acres in Orlando Florida. Cherrylake stepped in to install landscape and irrigation across the expansive complex. We were called upon to find ways to breathe life and beauty to an inherently functional project design, all while maintaining an aggressive construction timeline. Our teams offered unique solutions to create landscapes that effectively softened the harsh lines of warehouses and professional buildings while remaining easy to maintain as time progressed.

With a focus on creative thinking, teamwork and transparent communication, the Cherrylake team was able to work side by side with multiple stakeholders of the project; from the owner-developer and contractor to the municipality and landscape architect, all parties collaborated to find win-win solutions.

Client: Edwards Construction
Landscape Architect: Cuhaci & Peterson
Completion Date: 2015
Type of Project: Commercial
Scope: Irrigation & Landscape Installation