Work can be exciting, energizing, and uplifting. Cherrylake is one of the region’s leading employers – a multi-million dollar company with a family atmosphere offering great career opportunities where people can engage, have fun, make a contribution, and grow. We do this by creating a culture that empowers people to deliver innovative, creative and sustainable products and solutions. It doesn't hurt that we've received some recognition for this such as being named one of the Orlando Business Journal's Top Employers in 2023.


Please review and apply for our open positions below. If you have any questions or issues completing your online application, please contact our Human Resources Department at [email protected].




We aren’t hiring your resume; we are hiring you — with all your strengths, quirks, hidden talents, and values. We want to understand what makes you who you are, and make sure this is a place you’ll flourish. During our interview process, we use cross functional teams from different departments to help us – and you – know that you can thrive within our organization.


We look for passionate people to join our team who will find purpose in their work – whether it’s passion for what you do (because you are a master in your field, or soon to be!) or passion for why you do it (can we get a shout out for all the good our trees do?). We believe when you are fueled with passion, you’ll be a hard worker, open to change, and motivated to continuously improve.


No two experiences are the same, but all are worthwhile. Your role-related experience and background are not the sole criteria, but an important one to ensure you will be successful in the position. With a strong understanding of your skill set, we can look to fit your strengths into our organization, and ensure that we can give you the tools and opportunities to grow your knowledge and experience.


As a local employer that values personal development, wellness, and win-win relationships, we want to make sure you can happily integrate your work and life at Cherrylake. Whether it’s through the short commute, family friendly attitude, or beautiful views and trails, we want to know that work at Cherrylake can be part of your life rather than a task of your life.

  • Life at Cherrylake Farm Races
  • Fishing Tournament at Cherrylake Family Fiesta
  • Life at Cherrylake Farm Dog
  • Life at Cherrylake Field Staff
  • Life at Cherrylake Maintenance Team and President Timothee Sallin
  • Life at Cherrylake Sales Team Celebration


Cherrylakers do life together. More than just work together, we learn, experience, play, and celebrate together. So whether that is volunteering in the local community, celebrating a strong sales week with bagels, organizing a friendly (yet still competitive) soccer tournament, or anything in between, you are sure to see Cherrylakers engaging as a family inside and outside of work.


Personal wellness is as important a part of working at Cherrylake as professional growth. In fact, we believe those go hand in hand, because healthy, happy employees are more focused, more innovative and more productive. From chi-tao sessions to walking meetings to juicing workshops, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep Cherrylakers engaged in their wellness.

Notice Regarding Placement Fees
Requests for placement fees or other compensation (either direct or indirect) at any time from an H-2A worker as a condition of employment is prohibited by United States law. No person is authorized on behalf of Cherrylake, Inc. to require that you pay a monetary fee of any amount to any person who may have assisted you in obtaining your visa to come to the United States for temporary work in agriculture.    Should you be hired for seasonal employment, earnings for your work at Cherrylake are yours to keep, and no person is authorized on behalf of Cherrylake to require that you provide them any portion of your weekly earnings.

If anyone requests that you pay them any amount of money to be placed for possible employment with Cherrylake, you should simply tell them “No,” and report such inappropriate demands to law enforcement.

Aviso sobre las tarifas de reclutamiento

Las solicitudes de tarifas de reclutamiento u otra compensación (ya sea directa o indirecta) en cualquier momento por parte de un trabajador H-2A como condición de empleo están prohibidas por la ley de los Estados Unidos. Ninguna persona está autorizada en nombre de Cherrylake, Inc. a exigirle que pague una tarifa monetaria de cualquier monto a cualquier persona que pueda haberlo ayudado a obtener su visa para venir a los Estados Unidos para trabajar temporalmente en agricultura. Si lo contratan para un empleo estacional, las ganancias por su trabajo en Cherrylake son suyas y ninguna persona está autorizada en nombre de Cherrylake para exigirle que les proporcione ninguna parte de sus ganancias semanales.

Si alguien le solicita que le pague cualquier cantidad de dinero para que lo coloquen en un posible empleo en Cherrylake, simplemente debe decirle “No” e informar dichas demandas inapropiadas a las autoridades.