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Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona chinensis

The slow growing, Chinese Fan Palm, or Livistonia chinesis, originates from southern Japan and China. It is also known by names such as the Fountain Palm and the Chinese Fountain Palm due to its resemblance to a flowing fountain. In their multi-trunk form, they are often planted in staggered groupings to create a landscaped privacy wall or hedge.

The large and partially segmented leaves range in color from a bluish green to a glossy olive green and can grow up to 5 feet long and 5 feet wide. On the interior of the leaf stems, there are short spines that enlarge towards the trunk. Chinese Fan Palms can thrive in a wide range of soil, water and temperature conditions, however it is important to note that they need full to partial sun in order to grow. Chinese Fan Palms are pest and disease resistant, drought tolerant, self-cleaning and will survive very well with minimal care.

The Chinese Fan Palm produces yellow-cream inflorescence flowers that are shorter than the leaves, thus making them inconspicuous. Both male and female flowers grow on the same plant. Flowers are then followed by small, oval shaped fruits. The fruit starts out green, turns to dark blue then to blue-gray when they are ripe.

Field Grown Chinese Fan Palm

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
China and Southern Japan

Common Names:
Chinese Fountain Palm and Fountain Palm

Hardy Range:  9 – 11
Mature Height: 30 – 50’
Mature Spread: 3 – 5’
Growth Rate: Slow

Ornamental Characteristics:
Chinese Fan Palm has a straight, grey-brown trunk, and its base is somewhat swollen and about 18 inches in diameter. The trunk is capped with an evergreen dense crown of palmate leaves that hang downward creating a fountain like effect. They can be grown as multi-trunk or single trunk. It produces yellow flowers which are followed by small oval fruits about 1 inch long. It has a slow growth habit and is cold hardy. Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

Soil: Widely adaptable
Salt: Moderate
Exposure: Partial shade to full sun

Chinese Fan Palm in the Landscape
Chinese Fan Palm in the Landscape
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Chinese Fan Palm Seeds
Chinese Fan Palm Leaves
Chinese Fan Palm Leaves