Magnolia Miss Chloé - Cherrylake

Magnolia Miss Chloé

Miss Chloe Magnolia Potted

Miss Chloe Magnolia Potted

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Miss Chloé® ‘cltf1’

Cherrylake was one of the first farms to achieve an efficient level of success in asexually propagating Magnolia grandiflora. After ten years of evaluation, we selected Miss Chloé for its many outstanding qualities to be patented and trademarked.

Instant impact of fullness in canopy with rich emerald green foliage, highlighted by velvety brown undersides, is most likely the first distinguishing attribute that compels the eye when viewing Miss Chloé. Tree structure is characterized by well spaced scaffold limbs attached at 45º angles to a dominant central leader. Scaffold limbs are abundant with secondary branching that accounts for the tree’s fullness. Flowers are impressively large at 10” to 12” with a clear pink stamen, which is in unique contrast to the deep burgundy stamen that is common to the species. The growth rate is unsurpassed.

Displaying impressive fullness at a very early age, combined with a very fast growth rate allows Miss Chloé to yield a high return on investment while maturing in the landscape. Landscape use is very versatile given the tree’s ability to be a full to the ground specimen with a dominant central leader or simply limbed-up when visibility is required for street plantings or parking lots.

Miss Chloe Magnolia Potted
Miss Chloe Magnolia Potted

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:
North America

Common Names:
Miss Chloe

Hardy Range: 6B to 10A
Mature Height: 60’ to 80’
Mature Spread: 25’ to 35’
Growth Rate: 25 to 30 years to maturity
Form: oval and pyramidal
Persistence: evergreen

Ornamental Characteristics:
The flowers are white, very fragrant, showy and extra large, have a clear pink stamen and last spring through summer. Foliage is rich emerald green with velvety medium brown undersides and no change in fall. The fruit is brown and red, dry, elongated, attractive, edible by birds, and attracts animals. Miss Chloé has a naturally dominant central leader.

Soil: well-drained; loam, sand or clay
Salt: medium
Exposure: partial sun to full sun

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Miss Chloe Magnolia in the Landscape
Miss Chloe Magnolia in the Landscape
Miss Chloé Magnolia Seed Pod
Miss Chloe Magnolia Flower