Ribbon Palm - Cherrylake

Ribbon Palm

Livistona decipiens

The Ribbon Palm is a very graceful palm with a weeping look to it. Native to the east coast of Queensland, Australia, it received its name from its has very distinctive, fan-shaped leaves that split into many long segments from the middle of the leaf and look like ribbons dangling. These fronds are not self-cleaning.

Tall and slender, the Ribbon Palm typically reaches a height of 30 feet with leaves measuring around 9 feet wide. As this palm matures, the crown fills out and the fronds become broader and softer. Flowers somewhat hidden among the leaves, are yellow in color and are borne on a 4 foot inflorescence. Following the flowers is small black fruit about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Even though it is very graceful in appearance, this palm is pretty tough once established. It will take a mild frost with little or no damage, surviving temperatures into the teens. It is also drought-tolerant once established, Ribbon Palms growing best in full sun and moist, well-drained soils.

The Ribbon Palm is very versatile and can be used in many palm friendly environment. Ribbon Palms work well when planted in an opening among groupings of trees or up against a wall or structure that can act as a backdrop. Ribbon Palms have very delicate leaves that will shred with prevailing winds, so the placement is very important.

Ribbon Palm Field Grown

Ornamental Characteristics:

Native Origin:

Common Names:
Ribbon Fan Palm, Fountain Palm, Weeping Cabbage Palm

Hardy Range:  9A – 11
Mature Height: 30 – 50’
Growth Rate: Moderate

Ornamental Characteristics:
The crown is held atop an arrow-straight trunk that can reach heights of 30 – 50 feet. The leaves can reach 9 feet wide and are held on 6 foot stems. The leaves are a mix between two leaves: a palmate, which is shaped like the palm of your hand and a pinnate, which is more feather shaped. There are about 80 segments that come out from the stem that hang towards the ground like ribbons. Flowers yellow and are borne on 4 foot inflorescences. The fruit is small and black and about a 1/2 inch in diameter.

Soil: Moist, well drained soil
Salt: Very tolerant
Drought Tolerance: High once established
Exposure: Full sun

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Ribbon Palm in the Landscape
Ribbon Palm in the Landscape
Ribbon Palm Bark
Ribbon Palm Bark
Ribbon Palm Leaves
Ribbon Palm Leaves